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suprabhat2D animation is nothing but the process of creating movement in two-dimensional objects such as characters, FX and backgrounds. We get to see the illusion of movements of the images when each of the image is put one after another. There are different processes followed by different studio to produce animation. This usually depends on what kind of animation project the studio is working on. There are five steps of the animation process they are: animation storyboard, animation audio production, visual development, animation production and finally animation post production.

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Maya the bee 2: The honey GamesMaya the bee 2:The honey games is an Australian- German animated comedy adventure movie released on 2nd of February,2018 in Poland and later worldwide. The movie is directed by Noel Cleary, Sergio Delfino & Alex Staderman and is inspired from the 1975 anime Maya the Honey Bee and the German Children’s Book “The Adventures of Maya the Bee” by Waldemer Bonsel. The movie’s casts includes Coco Gillies as “Maya”, Benson Jack Anthony as “Willy”(maya’s best friend), Richard Rozburgh as “Flip”, Justin Clarke as “The Oueen” and Linda Ngo as “Violet” in main characters who did absolutely fantastic Job.

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Troll World Tour
Troll world tour was released on April 10,2020. The film was directed by Walt Dohrn and produced by Gina Shay and was written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the film was released in US in limited theatres on April 10,2020. The budget of the movie is $90-100 million and collected $2.7 million

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Shaktimaan GameWho developed this game?

Virtualinfocom developed this game, which is one of the first of its kind in not just Kolkata, West Bengal, but in India, as it utilises 3D technology to bring its characters to life. It uses 3D technology to create the superhero main character, Shaktimaan, from the famous actor, Mukhesh Khanna, in the earliest stages of his career, to give the game a real-life feel, and allow gamers to relive the adventures of their favourite avatar through their screens, but this time, instead of sitting back and just watching the adventures,

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Lu over the wallDirected by Masaaki Yuasa, Lu over the wall is a Japanese animated feature produced by Science Saru. The film was released in Japan in May this year. The screenplay was written by Masaaki Yuasa and Reiko Yoshida. TakatsuguMuramatsu composed the music for the film.

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kuroko's basketball last gameKuroko’s Basketball: Last Game is a Japanese anime sports action feature based on the Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. The film premiered in Japan in March this year. Shunsuke Tada directed the film and Noboru Tagaki wrote the screenplay. The film stars Sôichirô Hoshi, Tetsu Inada and Yoshimasa Hosoya.

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black butlerReleased in January this year (Japanese version), Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic is a Japanese animation based on the Yana Tobosco’s Black Butler Japanese manga series. Produced by A1 – Pictures and directed by Noriyuki Abe, the film features character designs by Minako Shiba and music by Yasunori Mitsuda. The cast from the anime’s TV series has reprises their voice roles for the film.

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godzilllaThe film is set in the future, 2048 to be precise. The humans lost the war against the Godzilla and ended up on a planet that is now inhospitable. In order to survive, A young man named Haruo and a few others take on the mission of fighting the Godzilla, who pushed them off Earth years ago.

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Pokémon the MovieReleased in July this year, Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! (also known as‘Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You!’ in Japan) is a Japanese animated adventure film. It is the twentieth Pokémon Movie and the first one from the Sun and Moon series. The film has two separate voice cast teams, one in Japan and one in US and features the characters from the original series.

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 final fantasy-legend of the crystalsJapanese director Rintaro’s anime ‘Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals’ is based ona role-playing video game called ‘Final Fantasy’.The game has a series that contains sixteen parts and the anime is based on the fifth part of the game. I…

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Ghost in the ShellRupert Sanders movie ‘The Ghost in the Shell’ is an adaption from the animemade by Mamoru Oshiiin 1995. Actors like ScarlettJohansson,PilouAsbaek and Michael Pitt acted in this futuristic science fiction film that is the first real life version of the anime.

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