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Troll World Tour
Troll world tour was released on April 10,2020. The film was directed by Walt Dohrn and produced by Gina Shay and was written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the film was released in US in limited theatres on April 10,2020. The budget of the movie is $90-100 million and collected $2.7 million

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venomAre you willing to see what the new movie version of Venom, will look like? Then just wait and watch. With an excellent star cast, the movie is going be a smashing hit on the big screen. The first trailer for the movie has already created a sensation among the audience. The movie stars: Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

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A Star Wars Story
Solo: A Star Wars Story, the movie gives a shuddering effect with its first look…

With its catchy teaser, this movie is sure to offer something long expected…

The new trailer for the “Young Hans Solo” movie, is finally here. Just like other Star Wars movie, it is sure to catch your attention.Only four months from its Memorial release date, Folks I am sure you are sure to appraise the situation.The posters, billboards, and T.V spots are sure to ignite your excitement level. A good review at the time of pre-release will only add to its popularity.
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Subhashree, the crime investigatorWant to have some thrilling experience? Then just hold your nerves. VirtualInfocom’s new 3D game will just enhance your excitement. The ravishing beauty of Tollywood, Subhasree is back with a bang. This time she is in a completely new avatar.

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ironman movie
This 2008 American superhero film was based on the Iron Man character from Marvel Comics. It stars a very charming and sarcastic Robert Downey Jr., who plays a playboy and rich genius, Tony Stark. It’s also the first movie set in the Marvel Cinematic universe.
During a demonstration by Stark Industries, the company that he inherited from his Father, Tony Stark is captured and held hostage by terrorists using his own company’s weapons.

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