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avengers infinity warThe first movie to use the IMAX technology, this movie is definitely an uncommon one. The directors of the movie are extremely delighted to use the benefits of the newest technology. It was Christopher Nolan who is the pioneer of the IMAX Technology. Avengers Infinity War actually takes a step further as the entire movie was shot using IMAX cameras.

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We come across different animated characters almost every day. In our generation of modern technologies and high-tech gadgets, animation has become an integral part of our daily lives; starting from watching cartoon shows to the very popular Amul girl’s character, everything is a part of animation.

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ironman movie
This 2008 American superhero film was based on the Iron Man character from Marvel Comics. It stars a very charming and sarcastic Robert Downey Jr., who plays a playboy and rich genius, Tony Stark. It’s also the first movie set in the Marvel Cinematic universe.
During a demonstration by Stark Industries, the company that he inherited from his Father, Tony Stark is captured and held hostage by terrorists using his own company’s weapons.

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