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Subhashree, the crime investigatorWant to have some thrilling experience? Then just hold your nerves. VirtualInfocom’s new 3D game will just enhance your excitement. The ravishing beauty of Tollywood, Subhasree is back with a bang. This time she is in a completely new avatar.

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jumanjiReleased on December 2017,this is the sequel of the first first movie released in the year 1996. Alex receives a board game, which his father found on the beach. When he refused it, the game transformed into video game cartridge. After playing it, he was transported into a game. Two decades is enough to wait for a sequel. Borrowing the name from the first one, the second movie is a hilarious action adventure. Having a cast, which is extremely liked by the public, this film is an ideal marketing stuff.  Written by five screenwriters and directed by Jake Kasdan the movie is genuinely a creative attempt by them.

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cosplayer IndiaCosplay show or the costume play show is the type of show in which a participant wears costume or accessories to represent a specific character. This is generally in practice when you are planning to launch a game. The term first originated in the year 1984 in Japan.
The participants who dress up exactly like it bring the virtual characters of the game into reality.
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