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blockchain gameWhy should you care about blockchain gaming?

The gaming industry is often on top of leading technologies and pointing out which direction the world is going to go to next. The trend of merging emerging technologies with the game-play is common practice, and the industry has often pinpointed the exact technology which will boom in real life, quite a number of times. The most recent and upcoming technology to get the spotlight is block-chain. Blockchain, which is basically digital stores of data clubbed together in a secure chain,

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Shaktimaan GameWho developed this game?

Virtualinfocom developed this game, which is one of the first of its kind in not just Kolkata, West Bengal, but in India, as it utilises 3D technology to bring its characters to life. It uses 3D technology to create the superhero main character, Shaktimaan, from the famous actor, Mukhesh Khanna, in the earliest stages of his career, to give the game a real-life feel, and allow gamers to relive the adventures of their favourite avatar through their screens, but this time, instead of sitting back and just watching the adventures,

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crypto game
The third edition of Crypto Games Conference took place in Minsk, Belarus last week, featuring two days packed with networking and collaboration. About 1000 attendees, 100 speakers, nearly 150 gaming brands and 50+ media companies from more than 30 countries participated in the biggest blockchain gaming event in the world!

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crypto game

The third edition of Crypto Games Conference (CGC) will take place in Minsk, Belarus. CGC unites a huge community of professionals focused on blockchain games, iGaming, and gaming ecosystems and services.
More than 100 speakers will do presentations and debate in panel discussions. Who are they and what awaits you on April 25th and 26th in Minsk?

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Resident EvilResident Evil: Vendetta released this year in May and is set in the same universe as the rest of the Resident Evil franchise. It is a 3D computer animated action- adventure -horror film. This is the third CG animated movie following Resident Evil: Degeneration. The movie is produced by Marza Animation Planet and is directed by Takanori Tsujimoto.
Voice actor Matthew Mercer returns as Leon S. Kennedy. Other cast members include Kevin Dorman and Erin Cahill who play Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers.

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Final Fantasy: Advent Children 2005)Final Fantasy: Advent Children is a sci-fi computer animation made in 2005, written by Kazushige Nojima and is directed by Tetsuya Nomura.

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 final fantasy-legend of the crystalsJapanese director Rintaro’s anime ‘Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals’ is based ona role-playing video game called ‘Final Fantasy’.The game has a series that contains sixteen parts and the anime is based on the fifth part of the game. I…

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