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The third edition of Crypto Games Conference (CGC) will take place in Minsk, Belarus. CGC unites a huge community of professionals focused on blockchain games, iGaming, and gaming ecosystems and services.
More than 100 speakers will do presentations and debate in panel discussions. Who are they and what awaits you on April 25th and 26th in Minsk?

We are excited to introduce some of our stellar speakers to you.

John Wang, NGD Eco Growth Manager at Neo Blockchain. At Crypto Games Conference, April 25-26 in Minsk John will talk about gaming services and platforms.

Vladimir Tomko, CEO of We Can Games, a company that brought Blockchain Cuties Universe to the world became not only speaker and a networker at CGC, but also a big devoted friend of our team. You all know him well, so there is no doubt he will advise only the best projects and events!

Hartej Sawhney – a leader in the Fintech & Blockchain industry for 5+ years. Hartej is Co-Founder at Hosho, protecting investments and providing multiple smart contract services including audit. Advisor to Pink Sky Capital (Digital Hedge Fund),, and, LEXIT, Crowd Machine. His talk will be about intersection of cybersecurity and blockchain.

Metthew Arnett, Co-Founder & CEO of PO8 and FORT NFT Protocol. Both projects were born with the idea of creating a better world by using the cutting-edge technology. They are the first blockchain projects originating out of the Bahamas endorsed by Government of the Commonwealth of Bahamas. And PO8 is revolutionizing the industry with its new game release “Skullys”.

Choi Sung Wone, CEO of Supertree with more than 20 years of experience in Korean game industry. Professional development and global publishing company based on block-chain based HTML5 content, also an advisor to the Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA). He received the Business Innovation Award in Korea Game Awards in 2016 and have 19 patents on games and online service technology.

Kokushi Hattori – developer of My Crypto Heroes. Since they released their title, they keep running top among ethereum game and so far they have 35K unique users and more than 5k DAU and 10K ETH sales.

crypto game

Join us to see and meet all CGC stars!

This April is a perfect time for the third edition of Crypto Games Conference (CGC) – world’s largest and definitive B2B event for blockchain gaming professionals. The international conference covers three cutting-edge gaming themes of today: crypto games, iGaming and gaming ecosystems and services.

The first Crypto Games Conference took place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. It was the first conference in the world dedicated to games and gaming services with use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A one-day event gathered more than 300 developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries discussing how the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are set to change the gaming market.

The second edition of Crypto Games Conference was held in Minsk, the capital city of blockchain-friendly Belarus. The CGC is persistently growing and almost 700 attendees participated in a unique two-day business event that featured:
• Two tracks of talks and panel discussions by industry leaders;
• CGC Showcase with 60 startups presenting their latest developments;

• The Big Pitch – startups vs. investors action;
• CGC Awards to recognize innovation and creativity;

• A series of CGC networking events.

Now it’s time for the third Crypto Games Conference. It will once again take place in Minsk, Belarus and this time you will be able to become a part of two-day event – the largest one in crypto gaming industry. More than 1000 professionals from over 30 countries, hundreds of games and 100+ stellar speakers.
Join the community of decision makers of the best crypto gaming companies from all over the world.

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