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animationWhen we talk about animated films, the first thing that comes to our mind is what is animation? Animation is the method in which images and pictures are brought into motion. There are five types of animations , namely:-
Celluloid Animation
2D Animation
3D Animation
Stop Motion
Motion Graphics
When it comes to animation in films, it can be easily elaborated about by tracing its effects on films.

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suprabhat2D animation is nothing but the process of creating movement in two-dimensional objects such as characters, FX and backgrounds. We get to see the illusion of movements of the images when each of the image is put one after another. There are different processes followed by different studio to produce animation. This usually depends on what kind of animation project the studio is working on. There are five steps of the animation process they are: animation storyboard, animation audio production, visual development, animation production and finally animation post production.

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