batman vs superman

Batman Vs Superman – Dawn of Justice

batman vs superman

Two of America’s most iconic superheroes take on each other in this action-packed film featuring DC Comics characters.
The movie starts off with a trail where ‘Man of Steel’ ended, showing Superman to be a sort of controversial figure because of a disparaging fight with General Zod.

His alter- ego, Clark Kent, learns of Batman from Gotham City and tries to expose him through his newspaper articles. Batman, aka Billionaire Bruce Wayne, sees him as a threat to humanity and seeks to take him out.

New threats arise for Superman, what with his adoptive mother being captured by the one and only Lex Luthor. Batman steals the kryptonite in hope of using it to destroy his nemesis.

During the battle between the main characters against Doomsday (yes, the monstrosity returns yet again) Superman is impaled by the kryptonite spear mid fight. Even with Batman and Wonder woman fighting alongside him, Doomsday is clearly too much to handle.

The movie ends on an extremely shocking platform revealing Superman’s death. But the closing scene following Superman’s funeral also disclosed that it wasn’t the end and that he would definitely be back, thus getting us excited for the next Justice League movie!

It’s clear that Bruce Wayne would be paving the way for the Justice League team, which we now very well know that Superman will ultimately be a part of. The movie includes copious amounts of violence and mayhem but balances emotion very well. The entire Batman vs Superman- Dawn of Justice cast plays their role exceptionally, each character carefully piecing together the movie. Other DC Comics characters like the flash, Aqua man and the Cyborg also make an appearance. The inclusion of Wonder woman makes tips the scales higher!

The Ultimate edition of this movie is a must watch for true fans. It explains every detail that the theatrical cut missed out on, the three most focused characters being Clark, Lex and Lois.


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