Marvel Entertainment brought us yet another reinvented classic about Wolverine, aka, a member of the New Avengers. The movie is inspired by the Comic, ‘Old Man Logan’.

It is the third and final instalment to the film series, and is Logan’s final adventure in the 2029 post-apocalyptic future that the movie is set in.
With mutants on the verge of extinction, James Logan Howlett, formerly known as Wolverine, works as a chauffeur in the city. The movie takes off where it’s previous counterpart had ended. With wolverine’s healing power faltered, his body has aged. He also has a hideout somewhere deserted, in Mexico where he hides a very sick Professor Charles Xavier.
Logan is approached by a nurse who knows his real identity, with a job to escort an 11-year-old girl named Laura to Eden, North Dakota. The movie picks up pace from this point onwards, revealing Laura to be one of many mutant children bred in a laboratory in Mexico and Wolverine’s daughter. Logan reluctantly helps Laura to get to her friends in Eden, where they meet up to plan an escape to Canada.
In the events that follow, Logan is gravely injured, and makes his final outing with a gritty yet captivating performance. Laura honours the death of Wolverine as the last of the X-men with an X on his grave.
The movie makes use of digi-doubles in several scenes where Hugh Jackman needed to appear both as Logan and X-24, a Wolverine clone made to fight him. Quite a few scenes even made use of a digital Laura!

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