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Batman HUSH
One of the latest movie in batman franchise is BATMAN HUSH, where we will see him as the coolest fighter who fall in love with Catwoman.In this movie we will see him who almost killed Joker as batman thought Joker killed his friend.All big enemies of batman is there in this movie and the dark knight is all for awesome fights with all of them. As a lover he himself know what to do and how to, Afeter Thalia, the knight now is in deep relation with the woman he attracted to. We will see Superman too in this movie.
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justice league“A mixed harmony and Justice! That’s how it goes?? May everybody knows!!”
Director- Zack Snyder
Starring- Ben Afflek, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher etc. After Wonder woman’s huge success, expectations were so high from DC latest JUSTICE LEAGUE. No doubt it was one of the most awaited films this year, where everybody hoped for superman’s return and envisioned a lot of visual satisfaction. But lots of money ($300 million) and assemblage of super hero’s disappointed us in many ways.
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batman vs superman

Two of America’s most iconic superheroes take on each other in this action-packed film featuring DC Comics characters.
The movie starts off with a trail where ‘Man of Steel’ ended, showing Superman to be a sort of controversial figure because of a disparaging fight with General Zod.

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