The Son of Bigfoot

son of bigfootThe Son of Bigfoot is a French computer animated film that was released this year in July. The film is directed by Ben Stasson and Jeremy Degruson. Belgian 3D animation house nWave Pictures was the production company for this light hearted, commercial-minded children’s feature.

The movie revolves around a teenager, Adam Harrison, who sets out to look for his long lost father only to learn that he is Bigfoot! Bigfoot has been hiding out in the forests to protect his family from a corporation that wishes to experiment with his DNA. Adam soon discovers that he too has extraordinary qualities, and he and his father are on the corporation’s trail!

son of bigfootThe movie focuses more on Adam rather than Bigfoot. The film dawns plenty of colourful set pieces in the great outdoors and the high-tech headquarters of the corporation. There are also a few pop culture references made to Star Wars and Better Call Saul.

The Belgian rock group ‘Puggy’ has provided the soundtrack for the film. The movie aims at bridging the gap between kids and adult entertainment, making the film enjoyable to all age groups. The dense forest where the Bigfoot lives, and the adventures they embark on, provide various remarkable 3D moments.

The movie includes a lot of morals and teachings in just 90 minutes and touches up on topics like fitting in, family struggles, bullies, friendship and accepting yourself, making it the perfect family feature.

N.B: All images are property of the creator of the movie along with the characters, we are just writing review of the movie.

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