the boss baby

The Boss Baby

boss babyDreamWorks Animation brings us yet another animated comedy! Boss Baby, voiced by Alec Baldwin is a witty, suit wearing, unusual baby! The Boss baby is a hilarious outtake of the arrival of a baby into a family. The story is narrated by the older brother, a highly imaginative 7-year-old named Tim.

With time, Tim (and the viewers) realized that his little brother is actually a secret agent! Boss Baby is in fact, on a secret mission to uncover why babies are losing their market share of love.
The movie shares a heartfelt message, about the importance of family. The movie is appealing to all age groups because of its mix of animation, comedy and authenticity.
Animation wise, the movie is a bit different that DreamWorks films. It ditches the standardized CG look for something more graphic, with stylized and stark designs. Tom McGrath thought it was important to go back to traditional animation, and that is exactly what he did with The Boss Baby.
He gave it a 2D film approach while animating, with using slightly larger pupils for the eyes, which is more appealing on screen. All the animation began with hand drawings. They gave high attention to Disney backgrounds, those being the kind that really led the viewer’s eyes.
A lot of shape language was used from the 60s-design movement in order to support the broadness of some of the character’s designs. Since the main character’s head was unrealistically big, the background needed to support it.
Camera work had a big part to play in the movie, since the movie targeted kids as well. For a kid, everything on screen seems much larger than it is. They made use of wider lens, having the characters be up close to the lens and placed their cameras much lower.
Cinematic language had a pure focus as well. During emotional/sad scenes, the Camera movement was pretty static. When Boss Baby was excited or in charge or in motion, the Camera movements were fluid.

N.B: All images are property of the creator of the movie along with the characters, we are just writing review of the movie.

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