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elena lobovaGaming is a very popular in today’s world. Gaming is structured form of play used for entertainment purpose and used to develop important skills like IQ, increase the analysis power, speed of typing, improve brain, address serious issues, also promotes education and social action. Gaming also encourage teamwork and cooperation while playing with others. Gaming technology is important for an industry to earn. There are lots of advantages of playing game. It also develops the communication skills to because the chatting portion of any game help an user to develop and polish communication skills.

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magic leapSomething fishy is going on as the magic leap is looking to sell itself off after a rough couple of years following the launch of its Magic leap 1 augmented reality device.
Now, in a new filing with the courts in its legal battle with Magic Leap, the company has revealed a sudden name change, as well as the involvement of a previously unknown parent company.
Now, as Magic Leap has pointed its legal arsenal at “chi xu” and his company, it is expected that some of the unanswered questions will be answered.

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