Gaming is a serious job – Elena Lobova

elena lobovaGaming is a very popular in today’s world. Gaming is structured form of play used for entertainment purpose and used to develop important skills like IQ, increase the analysis power, speed of typing, improve brain, address serious issues, also promotes education and social action. Gaming also encourage teamwork and cooperation while playing with others. Gaming technology is important for an industry to earn. There are lots of advantages of playing game. It also develops the communication skills to because the chatting portion of any game help an user to develop and polish communication skills.

Gaming technology are not used by only the gaming industry but also it is used by other industries as well. There is a history of video game consoles by Magnavox, which was the first home video game console. The first online multiplayer game were started developed at the PLATO system about 1973. Video game list about the best video games are available to the user. So user can choose games according to age and skill. Gaming technology used AI(Artificial intelligence) game programming by including decision trees and path finding. Gaming is a serious job and an industry which spread their branches all over the world.It’s larger than movie industry.

We all love gaming. In our everyday life we use games as our shy of relief in the hectic schedule. So now a days gaming is an addiction as well as recreation for all. We had an amazing interview with Ukrainian super lady of gaming industry Elena, the CEO and founder of ACHIEVERS HUB and have the experience of nine years in the gaming industry. Interview was taken by Arijit Bhattacharyya Founder of virtualinfocom, India’s one of the oldest game development studio since 1998.
She was ex CEO and COO of iLogos and also ex organizer at Get IT and she is now a business development consultant also. She shared her knowledge about the pitching of game to the publishers and also how to found a publisher. She shared an amazing presentation with everyone where she clearly talked about where a person can find publisher and also what a person should keep in mind while pitching a publisher. The presentation was full of knowledgeable information and her explanation makes it super easy and understandable.

She explain what a person get from publisher. She include here the PR and advertising, use acquisition, platform relation, culturalization, expertise etc and explain each and every point elaborately. She also added that what a publisher should expect from a person who made games. She also presents a set of questions which should check by a person before going to pitch a publisher. Elena added some tips for verbal and written pitching. According to her in written and verbal pitching precise and focused pitching is important and help to build good impression. For Ms Elena Lobova the feedback from the publisher is important. She also suggests everyone to participate in the competition held for pitching the game publishers. She quoted “what is good about competition is that not only receive feedback about your game but also so you get connected to the publishers.” She also includes that everyone should be prepare in advance for some questions that may be asked by the publishers.

She also come up with a complete same of written pitch to show what an ideal written pitching should look like. She also quoted to explain the sample that “you should introduce yourself first with your company and then introduce your game. Give mention the platform the setting and what you’re looking for in in one sentence which make it perfect. Then you should send a link to the presentation with more detail about your game play video and latest apk or other type of build. Basically, in just few sentences and in just couple of paragraphs you can cover all the things that a publisher needs to know about your game initially”. She also suggests to be humble and honest while pitching and also suggest to include a road map of the project. She asks to make the presentation more professional and not to reveal much more details about the game in the initial stage.

Lastly, she told everyone not to include the picture of the team members in the presentation for personal issues and she suggests to make funny way to represent team which is more impactful. According to her gaming is a very serious job and gaming industry is larger and wider than film industry and this industry also earn money more than the film industry. During lockdown everyone is stuck in the home and gaming is really helpful for people who are depressed in this situation. In some country gaming are used train soldiers and police officers and it also increase the IQ level. So according to her gaming is needed for people of every age to get entertained and it’s really help people to come out from depression.

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