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Sukhu Dukhu Game Play from folk tales

sukhu dukhusukhu dukhuBengali culture has always been known for its rich literature and evergreen folktales. It is quite heartening that with the passage of time this evergreen culture is slowly dying. So Virtualinfocom here brings you Bengal’s first folktale based game “Sukhu Dukhu”. So are you ready to relive the most miraculous folktale Sukhu Dukhu again? It is sure to take away all your tiredness and boredom in a flick of second. So let’s begin this magical journey by being the main character of the folklore and discovering Bengal’s rich culture.

STORY-LINE: The story revolves around a small village girl who eventually overcomes all hurdles exploring different locations. As she leaps over snakes and hindrances, you are sure to go wild into the world of fantasy. And guess what? You can now even enter a village cottage and converse with an old woman spinning her wheel. Quite exciting!! Isn’t it? So pull up your socks to unveil the mystery of the old woman and what eventually happens to the girl.

CHARACTERS (ROLE PLAYING): Get ready to swap between different avatars according to your choice and experience the thrill. You can now be decked in red or orange pertaining to your mind and explore around. Each time you start to play, the little girl is waiting for you in her new avatars. So get all set to travel around with her and hop over obstacles and dangers.

SETTING: Setting or background is very imperative for a digital game. So here you get to alter between various backgrounds as you play. You can now tour from village to jungle to a variety of other settings mixing with natural world and common people. This game is majorly set on Bengal’s backdrop giving you a vivid picture of how stunning Bengal is ranging from mountains to forests. Get ready to be an explorer and travel around places.

GAME GRAPHICS: You need not be fretful about game graphics since this game comes with very cool graphics which is certain to give you game playing bliss. Its remarkable graphics make the setting of the game and the characters livelier. You can actually feel the real action while you hop and run conquering barriers. It almost sets up the bona fide ambiance of the folklore giving you heart throbs while you embark on the most exhilarating quest.

SOUND: Won’t it be marvelous if you can take pleasure of some real time folk music whilst you play? Hence “Sukhu Dukhu” brings you original folk music turning the game into a true folklore. What do you need more than an electrifying game with locale music to make you feel heavenly? And you can now even be in charge of your game volume according to your requisite. So are you ready to drive into mesmerizing music while you travel around?!!!

GAME PLAY: Even if you are a novice, this game is for you. The game controls are quite smooth and uncomplicated so you can very swiftly use it by tilting your digital device and swiping up or down. Whether in any age you can enjoy this venture and get delight. Even the game controls are quite familiar for children and they too can easily handle it. So your wait is over now, “Sukhu Dukhu” is here to startle you with astonishing game controls and give you a stimulating experience of game play.

LEVELS: Your search for fanatical levels is over now!! You can play a multiple level exploring your favorite folklore and jumping over hurdles. With each level, you get stronger with changing backdrops. Whether you are in jungle or village or perhaps in the old woman’s cottage, you are sure to go crazy with the advancing levels. So gear up for some thrilling actions.

STRATEGIC GAMING: Strategy based games are always very interesting to play and also give some very basic life experiences. So you can now take your own decisions hopping over hurdles to collect gold coins and conversing with different people. You can now even be in control of situations by the skills you learn from this game. Whether you are in any age group, this game is sure to make your heart throb by its spectacular strategic performance.

EDUCATION GAMING: This game also gives you some most desired knowledge. Even your children can be a part of this game and learn the value of nature. So a game with educational knowledge is surely a great combo. Thus get set to give your digital device a brand new companion.

ARCADE GAMING: Have you ever imagined of a game with education and arcade? So let us tell you your imagination has become reality!! This game truly is a full combo ranging from strategy to arcade. Now you can hop and jump over hurdles and be a runner. You can endlessly run leaping over obstacles and collecting gold coins. You do not need to go for various games searching for arcade or education or role playing. Here you have got all in one combo to drive you into the dream world.


This game can be downloaded in your android phone and even in Apple ios. You can enjoy it in your phone, your tablet and even in your iphone or ipad.

You have the choice of character changing and volume controls as you play on.

You can now be a part of the folklore instead of just listening and visualizing it.

A fully digital based folklore game relieving you of the strain of finding different books.

A total in one combo ranging from education to fun and pertaining to all age groups whether children or adults.

Most amazingly you get this full packed game absolutely free for downloading from Google play store or from App store (ios).

So stop thinking and download “Sukhu Dukhu” game now. Begin the magical journey and be a part of the rich culture. Don’t forget to rate the game. Your reviews are very important for us so please do comment. We will again be back with more such adventures for you. Till then Stay safe and keep playing.

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