lalkamal nilmkamal gameFolktales have always been an important part of Indian tradition. Are you getting bored at home and thinking of grabbing some common folklore? So we are here to set you free from your boredom and provide you one of the most celebrated folklore of the times. And guess what? You can also be a part of this thrilling journey by being one of the lead characters and experiencing the most risky yet thrilling adventure of all times. So are you ready to take up the most breathtaking quest? So here we are presenting to you:

Lalkamal Neelkamal: The Game. So let us take you through the journey of one of the very few folktale games with astonishing game play and graphics telling the tale of two most popular folklore heroes.

STORY-LINE: For any game, the story line is very crucial for the participant to appreciate the game. So “Lakakamal Neelkamal” takes you through the legend of two princes Ajit and Kusum who were eaten up by their own Demon mother and how they again rise from two eggs as Lalkamal and Neelkamal to free their kingdom from demons. Dangerous!!! Wait lot’s more is to follow!! So are you ready to fight for your motherland?

ROLE PLAYING: Don’t we all dream of becoming popular folklore heroes? Well let us tell you this dream has come true. You can also be a hero and take up heart throbbing quests. You can now be Neelkamal or Lalkamal and free your kingdom from the demons. Not only that, you can now too be in charge of your sword, dash and leap the hurdles to collect gold coins plus lot’s more!!

GRAPHICS: Whenever we speak of games, graphics play an important role, Isn’t it? This game gives you some amazing graphics which shall leave you awestruck. Being one of the few folklore games, it creates an exciting gaming atmosphere making it more realistic. The hurdles and the demons have an apprehensive look making it a real venture. So get ready for some stunning experience!!

SOUND: So are you ready for heart throbbing music driving you into the world of folktales? So here is ‘’Lalkamal Neelkamal” giving you some breath taking music to make you jump from your seats!! The gripping music with the dramatic atmosphere will turn all your dreams into reality. So put your ear phones on and get geared up for a jaw dropping exploit.

LEVELS: Are you searching for a game with dicey levels that shall make you go crazy? So you have got one at your finger tips with copious levels and some electrifying actions. And as you jump up from one level to another with dozens of hurdles and demons coming up, it is sure to take your breath away. You can now perhaps be a gold digger by all the gold you get your hands on during the game play. And guess what? If you unfortunately fall into a trap, you can start all over again with renewed energy!! You can even change characters each time you start playing!! Isn’t that truly incredible?!!

GAMING CONTROLS: You do not need be anxious about your game controls. It’s quite smooth and simple. Even as a beginner you can effortlessly get hold of it. With your touch screen device, you can easily tilt, slay, run, hop and even control your sword to slaughter the demons. As they end their energy, you can easily put on new energy by taking the energy balls and keep on playing. So your wait is over now!! This game will give you a startling game play experience.

STRATEGY-BASED GAME: Strategic games are always very exciting to play. “Lalkamal Neelkamal” gives you a tactic game performance besides excellent graphics and game play. Strategy games give you decision-making abilities and high situational awareness. This game provides you these skills which is certain to help you in long run. So get prepared to become skilled at some exceptionally vital life changing qualities.

QUEST GAMING: It’s always thrilling to set out on a quest and more if the quest is your favorite folktale. The game takes you to a magical journey of Lalkamal and Neelkamal fighting with ferocious monsters. You are sure to have your heart in your mouth through this adventure. So buckle up your sword and get set because an amazing adventure is waiting for you.

FIGHTING GAME: This game is a full package of thrill and action. You have also got a combating game in your smart device to buzz you. You are now a conqueror battling the demons, overcoming hurdles and releasing your kingdom from all obstacles. So put on your fighting caps and take the lead!!


This game would run in Android, Apple ios and even in Windows.

You can swap between characters according to your choice

You can play a variety of levels with new hurdles

It’s always very interesting to explore a tale instead of just hearing and seeing it.

It is more convenient to experience a story digitally as you cannot always get hold of books.

And this game is free to download on any platform and it shall certainly become your best friend.

A fully packed game with all you need ranging from fighting to adventure to running to storytelling.

So what are you waiting for?!! Download the game now and let the fighter in you rise!! And yes your reviews are always welcome so don’t forget to give your reviews and rate the game. We will be back soon with more wonderful games. Till then keep playing!! Stay safe and have a good day.
This game is developed by virtualinfocom, India’s one of the oldest and largest game development studio since 1998

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