saharaReleased in January this year, Sahara is a French Canadian 3D animated film produced by StudioCanal and Mandarin Films. The English version of the film starred Angela Galuppo, Robert Naylor, Daniel Brochu, Mark Hauser and Rick Jones, amongst others. The film was scored by Jérôme Rebotier and was distributed by Netflix.

The movie revolves around Ajar and Eva, two snakes from completely different cultural worlds who end up in love. Both the snakes seek to experience life together outside the borders. However, a cult of snakes kidnap Eva and Ajar takes it upon himself to save her.

The enthralling animation is the highlight of the film. It has a powerful visual hold with its bright and dynamic colour grading. The color of the characters pops off the screen, as does the beige color of the desert the movie is set in. The movie is quite fast paced, and several scenes include quite a bit of visual playfulness. The opening scene with the dust storm and Eva’s escape scene is stunningly animated.

The theme is an old age love story, with a romantic quest and adventure. However, the film is not entirely suited for children. It involves drugs and sexual references, physical violence and dark humour. Unfortunately, the negativity in the movie is not balanced out, making it inappropriate for children.

N.B: All images are property of the creator of the movie along with the characters, we are just writing review of the movie.

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