3 storeys

3 storeys

3 storeysEveryone is competent in their roles…Renuka Shahane really grabs the eyeballs with her naturalness…

Release date: 16th February 2018

With intriguing story line full of twists and turns, this film brings out 3 acts, dark secrets, and also past regrets. Based in Mumbai, the first narrative involve a businessman looking for accommodation, the second story is based on the tormenting relationship between husband and wife, how a wife deals with abusive and alcoholic husband. The third story is based on the tale of a forbidden love story of a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy.

This movie of debutant director Arjun Mukherjee completely shatters the conventional perceptions, of the residents of Mumbai chawl, leading a very serious life.Each and every story has a crispy twist, beautifully bringing out the human weakness thus completely baring the circumstances, which goes against human wishes and desires. In fact, the screenplay clearly brings out the point that life can never be viewed from rose-tinted glasses, and the reality is really a good pill to be swallowed.

Here you find the elderly aunty (Renuka Shahane), having a nicely appointed kholi to sell, and is eagerly waiting for the right buyer, but not in a conventional way. Pulkit Samrat, the businessman who comes to purchase the house is competent.

Masumeh Makhija, who is a housewife, suffers extreme ill-behavior at the hand of her alcoholic husband. She also nurses the broken heart of the elderly person and her ex-lover. Her eyes convey the feelings.

The third story revolves around a Hindu woman and a Muslim man. The newcomers Aisha Ahmed and Ankit Rathi give excellent performance as young lovers, who have a firm belief that they can overcome all odds which are stacked against them.

Richa Chadha shares the limited screen time, thus leaving a mark as the seductress who is the narrator of the film.

The movie completely demonstrates the art of skillfully telling the story, where the loose ends of the plot are tied with each other, for a neat whole. Actually, the fact is stranger than fiction. But if the fiction is well narrated it definitely gives an immersive experience.

Even it is not madly original, the scattered pieces can really turn out to be interesting if not consistently told. The overall movie reminds us of Roald Dahl and O’Henry, and you can really read about the twists a mile off.

The segment which features the canny old lady and the brash young man, who has a shared past is really a good part. As our life is full of mess, you need not tie up the loose ends so neatly. It really feels intriguing to let a few hanging.

Everyone is competent in her roles. It was nice to see Shahane. She fits naturally to her roles, though there exists some dullness in her character. Sharman Joshi gives an excellent performance as a man who is totally overwhelmed with a mixed feeling while facing his ex-lover. He gives a fabulous performance as always.

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