Roadside Romeo

Roadside Romeo

Roadside RomeoRoadside Romeo is an Indian American 3D animated romantic and comedy musical produced by Yash Raj Films and distributed by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures.

The movie stars Romeo, voiced by Saif Ali Khan, who is a pampered dog enjoying the luxuries of life until one fateful day when his master leaves him and gives him to the servant. The servant dumps Romeo out and onto the Mumbai streets, where he must now fend for himself.

Romeo meets different gangs, encounters cats and dogs and wins their hearts with his talents and charming ways. Romeo also falls in love with Laila, voiced by Kareen Kapoor, who is also the love interest of a local gangster.

Things quickly turn upside down for Romeo, as he must learn to fend for himself and win the heart of the girl he loves!

The movie is the first mainstream CGI animation film to come out of India. The film ran for 95 minutes and consisted of 1400 shots, around 40 scenes and five musical numbers.

The film made use of Maya Software, which helped achieve high quality animation. Maya Software’s advanced character rigging was used to design the film’s characters in a ‘squash and stretch’ style. All characters had more elasticity in the way their bodies reacted to movement.

The final colour grade was done by Prime Focus Group, who made use of Autodesk Lustre. Visual Computing Labs was also a huge part of the character development, they worked on the pre-production, character design, background design and storyboards.

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