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What Apple’s Record Wearable Earnings Could Mean for Its AR Smart glasses Future

Apple AR glassBefore the covid 19, Apple was at its peak. In its second quarter, which closed March 28, the company revenue went up to 1% year over year $58.3 billion, and the earning per share went up to 4%.
The corona virus had begun to impact many of the company’s markets around the world during the quarter, but apparently, that did not stop Apple from putting up some very impressive numbers.

Apple is doing research on reflected holograms to keep the size of the augmented reality –Apple Glasses to minimum and to keep the image quality as high as possible. Apple has been working on a set of augmented reality wearable peripherals for some time. There has been a constant question for future “Apple Glasses” peripheral has been over- How Apple can maintain its preference for sleek, fantastic-performance systems in place of the bulk in some present headsets. A new patent provides part of the answer.

I think, when we look at AR today, we would see that there are consumer applications, there are enterprise applications. This is the reason I’m so excited about it,” said Cook. “We rarely have a new technology where business and consumer are both key… I think it’s going to pervade our lives because it’s going to go across business and your home life. I think these things will happen in parallel. There are already companies that are deep into enterprise business that are working on applications for the enterprise.
And of course we can see thousands of apps that are AR Kit-enabled at this time and even more coming.”
With such high-margin wearables success in its rear-view mirror, it seems inevitable that Apple will take the next step and introduce an even higher-margin wearable in the form of smart glasses that perhaps first work as a notifications device and later as a vector for AR Kit-created apps.

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